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2018 Submissions

Recreation Fusion Song
Plasma Fusion Song
Desolate Preeminence Cinematic Song

2017 Submissions

Live On Cinematic Song
Supreme Allegiance Cinematic Song
Invasion Of The Pumpkins Experimental Song
Eucatastrophe Cinematic Song
Retribution Cinematic Song
Planet Nine Techno Song
Ricochet Techno Song
Ecstacy Dance Song
Abstracticus Techno Song
Plexus Techno Song
Time To Rise (NickBabick Theme) Techno Song
Conclusion Dance Song
High Flight 2 Cinematic Song
Melancholy Ambient Song
Hot Pursuit Dubstep Song
Night Sky Cinematic Song
Allegiant Cinematic Song

2016 Submissions

The True Demon Dubstep Song
A True Demon Dubstep Song